Almost twenty years ago, fresh out of grad school, I trekked up to Wall Street from my native South Carolina looking to experience the thrill and excitement of the markets.  Having studied economics with an initial interest on the policy side, I had grown weary of the abstraction of mathematical models and longed to be in the midst of the action.  Like many before me, I thought I knew more than I did, and couldn’t wait to make my mark on the financial world.  Most friends and family thought I was nuts!  Why would I want to leave the serenity of my homeland to go to a place where everyone was angry and rude all the time?  One girl asked, “don’t you like trees”?  Once I arrived, I was happy to find that many of the people here were quite considerate, and yes, there are trees.


Twenty years later, having arrived in the heart of the tech bubble, and after successfully navigating through the Great Financial Crisis, there have certainly been times when I wondered if my friends were right.  But these moments have been fleeting.  As much as I’ve missed loved ones from the south through these years, and regardless of the stress inherent in this business, there is nothing I would have rather have been doing.  With this blog, I hope to share insights I’ve gleaned from working as a proprietary trader, hedge fund strategist and portfolio manager during one of the most tumultuous periods in market history. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I will begin posting commentary that readers will find enlightening, informative and interesting.













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